Water Colour

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Sissy & Roché is back Up and once again offering Watercolour classes. My regular students are starting to trickle back in. Elaine Van Loo hung her pastel exhibit yesterday for […]

Born an original

Original Art’s Not For Everyone.

Art patrons are as unique as the artists they collect. Many started their collections right out of college. Like collectors of antiquities, art buyers are always on the hunt for […]

Ed Roach Watercolour Class Experience

When I teach painting in watercolour, I shave off a little piece of me and share it to the world. When I first challenged myself to teach, I was very […]

How I Compose a Watercolour Painting

There are times when I feel like painting a particular scene but I don’t have any reference to work from. Resources on the web allow me a great deal of […]

Heron in flight

Why I Love The Arts

Since I was a a young child anything art intrigued me. I loved that I could draw using my God given talent. I was the only one of my friends […]

Painting Without A Parachute

I’ve been watching plenty of instructional watercolour videos lately. Some of the best were artists who dove in with their brushes without doing a drawing first. Their results were paintings […]

art lessons for everyone

Jumping Ship

I get a reasonable number of artists who are looking for acrylic or oil classes. Of course this isn’t what I offer here at Sissy & Roché. So I typically […]

You Don’t Always Have To Paint What You See

  In the paintings shown above, you’ll notice how the picture on the left the water is painted in a traditional palette, (pea green.) The painting on the right uses […]

Get your creative zone

A Painting Zone a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

As we age we take on numerous conditions that have a tendency to slow us down. Some are more debilitating than others. When I turned 30, at my yearly physical […]

How Do You Perceive the Colour “Blue?”

“Visual perception plays a big role in our everyday life. It helps us in learning and interacting with others. Because of the ease with which we rely on perception, we […]