The Benefit of running a gallery

One nice benefit of running a gallery is all the great conversations you share. I have many opportunities to discuss my style especially to individuals who wish to take watercolour classes from me. One such discussion centred on the impressionistic techniques with watercolour.

The plain truth is that you don’t have to paint every detail with this medium. It allows you to be as loose as you desire. In the sample below: in the overall shot you “think” you see lots of detail in the painting, whereas the reality is there is very little detail. Your watercolour painting forms a relationship with your brain that fills in what’s missing. Look at the close up of the back of the boat – purposely placed dabs of colour imply something and your brain fills in the gaps. That’s the magic of my style of watercolour painting.

The next time you visit Sissy & Roch√© look closely at my work. Register what you “think” you see then walk up to the painting to see what your brain filled in. Your brain and my work make the perfect partners.

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