My Story
Ed Roach

My passion for art started as a young child in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Taking after my father, he was also an artist; I soaked up whatever I could in mastering my craft from his talents. I remember sitting on my Dad’s lap with my little hand cradled in his as “we” drew a squirrel on a branch.

After experimenting with different mediums I established a love for watercolour. I enjoy the immediacy of it and the challenge of its nature. Dripping, splattering is typical to my style. I pride myself in painting a range of subjects. When I paint the human form my style loosens from that of my landscapes. I recently developed an abstract style influenced by the master Joan Miro. I’m proud to identify myself as an artist. Many of my earlier pieces can be seen hanging on the walls of Erie Shores Hospice in Leamington, Ontario. My work would easily be the focal point in any home or office. Original artwork, prints and commissions are available. Arrangements can be made for a layaway plan.