Choose a work of art that can be framed easily and within your means

Professional framing can start at 100’s of dollars but quickly become more expensive as you customize your frame with decorative mat. When searching for a frame, I look at the overall dimensions of the artwork, e.g. the size of the paper and see if it will fit in a “store-bought” frame. Most frames come with a mat. The picture opening is a standard size 8 x 10 inches, 5 x 7 inches, etc. To properly present your gift of art, ask your local framer to cut a piece of mat board that fits within the store-bought frame, but has a window that works best with your work of art.

The “store-bought” frames are not recommended for original art. Sissy & Roch√© will dapple in simple framing of my work but Framing by Anna in Kingsville would be a good place to start for professional, archival framing.

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