Santa is in his Painting Studio getting ready for the Holiday Season

Original art is something that touches an emotional cord with people. Every year we wonder, “What do I get that someone special that has everything they need?”

The answer to that is “art”. Art touches the soul. It brings back memories and displays appreciation of a personal relationship. In family situations original art is something that passes between generations. The value put on art is emotional. It’s the link to past generations. Giving a gift of art takes on a life of it’s own.

At Sissy & Roch√©, I can paint your memories, called “commission art”. Come in with a photo that has an emotional attachment to you. Maybe it’s the location where your significant other popped the big question or a scene from a significant trip. I recently painted a bi-plane that was hand-built by the patron’s father that had passed away. It was an emotional link for her. You can’t find a gift like that at the mall.

If you’ve got something in mind – talk to me.

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