Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Sissy & Roché is back Up and once again offering Watercolour classes. My regular students are starting to trickle back in. Elaine Van Loo hung her pastel exhibit yesterday for a 2 week run. Sissy has some interesting art events brewing (unless we shut down again). I’m in the midst of a. Few painting projects.

Sissy and I are looking forward to the day we can eat inside a restaurant. We enjoy Sunday mornings out for breakfast. Our second shots are in a week so we look forward that milestone.

Everyone here at the plaza is bustling with re-opening plans. Construction is happening all over town. I even hear there’s a StarBucks in the works next door. This is the last week for asparagus. So get your share, and while you’re out drop by Sissy & Roché .

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