Original Art’s Not For Everyone.

Born an original

Art patrons are as unique as the artists they collect. Many started their collections right out of college. Like collectors of antiquities, art buyers are always on the hunt for works they can relate to. Works that speak to them. When you purchase a print, you are buying one of many copies at a greatly reduced price. A print doesn’t hold its value like an original. When you purchase an original, you are supporting that artist. Often time you get to meet your artist personally. You learn where their heads are at and what drives them to paint the things they do.

What made me feel comfortable about selling my works is that it’s going to a nice home. We artists recognize our works as part of our being. Prints often end up in a drawer. Originals always get a prime location in a room. Some artists take it to limits where if they don’t like where the painting is being hung they won’t sell the piece. Thank gawd they’re few and far between. We can see where artists get their eccentric reputation.Born an original

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