Ed Roach Watercolour Class Experience

When I teach painting in watercolour, I shave off a little piece of me and share it to the world. When I first challenged myself to teach, I was very concerned that my students may regard my style of instructing as more of the same step-by-step lessons. That was then – this is now.
How ever a student approaches me regarding my lessons I try to intrigue them and take away their apprehension. Some students fill out the form on our website, some wander in after a workout, some bring a friend and get wind of us and call to inquire. Most believe they don’t have the skills to paint. Some where along the line their talent was not nurtured. They were creative in their youth, but that was wrung out in their life’s journey. I bring back that lost confidence. If you can handle a box, a circle and triangle then you’ve got the starting tools to create some wonderful paintings all with a competent instructor.
The moment you open the door to Sissy & Roché you immediately recognize a calming scent in the air and subtle jazz music wafting through the room. As everyone arrives, they immediately start introducing them selves. Art types are a friendly group. Once everyone is settled in front of their easel I offer them a soothing cup of green tea. Now the stage is set to paint.
If this is their first time at art class then I tell them what to paint so that I can gauge their skill level, this allows me to steer them away from subjects they’re not ready to paint yet. If I didn’t do this they would be overwhelmed and think the session a failure. In the future classes I ask them to bring a few pictures they’d like to paint and I’ll guide them through it. I go from student to student getting them going. Many are amazed at what can be accomplished
in just a short time. Students purchase what we call a “Four-Pack” for $120.00 plus tax. Students typically come once a week. Many have been with me for several years. I have one student from Tecumseh who is a remarkable talent. I ask why she’s joined our classes and not someone closer to home? Her comment. “ I like the buzz here. The music, a cup of tea and friendly chatter. I don’t even have to clean up when I’m done.” Another has benefited by lessoning her arthritis pain.
Now matter what the reason is that you join us, it’s a great chance to reawaken you’re creative side and be a part of Essex County’s creative community.

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