Jumping Ship

art lessons for everyone
art lessons for everyone

Going from acrylic or oil to watercolour

I get a reasonable number of artists who are looking for acrylic or oil classes. Of course this isn’t what I offer here at Sissy & Roch√©. So I typically refer than to a capable friend. But before I release them to the (dark side) I query them on their experience or perception of watercolour.

Most have never tried it and have only been told it’s the most difficult medium blah, blah, blah. Like any medium it’s all in your attitude. Watercolour is all about layers. Planning your approach is a necessary strategy. Each layer building on the last. With watercolour it’s light to dark where as it’s dark to light with oil and acrylic. I very important understanding. I can’t say that any of the 3 mediums are any more difficult than the other. Representational, impressionist or abstract – it’s all about confidence. How confident are your strokes.

When taking classes be sure that your instructor is confident in their work. Jumping ship to a new medium doesn’t have to be daunting. After all it’s all essentially mixing colour to create pictures that resonate with your audience. It should also deliver what your mind envisions.

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