When Visiting a Gallery Take Your Time – Relax

I’ve just read a very interesting article on art patrons’ behaviour in galleries. It turns out we typically spend only 8 seconds observing a work of art. Attention spans are very short. It hardly gives a viewer time to soak up the nuances of a work.

rts has spread across all areas of art and have developed a unique, creative, innovative and inviting ways to encourage local citizens of Kingsville and area so that they too can experience many facets of art.

A powerhouse of artistic talent and creativity with local and international contacts that promise to totally reinvigorate the artistic community of Kingsville and the surrounding area.” This is a quote from a local residence that loves our unique space. Thank you Sharron.

Many of our students mention that Sissy & Roché is their home away from home. And one woman, that has never been in the gallery before, walked in, stood silently at the entrance, looked around and said, “this is my new favourite store.” Discover what our students and shoppers are experiencing. Find out more about art classes, cooking demos, Lunch ‘n Learns, private parties, guest art exhibits, Ed Roach art exhibits, professional art advice, watch Ed paint in the window, or check out our wall of clocks and other absolutely unique gift ideas.

We have professionals renting our space for seminars and workshops, book signings and drawing workshops. Special friends are buying gift certificates for those close to them.

Find out why people are talking about our little gem here in Kingsville. Everyone who discovers Sissy & Roché, immediately appreciates the stress-free experience, from the pleasing scent to the relaxing jazz. Our goal is to expose you to our non-intimidating gallery personality. Many of our guests, simply drop by to see what paintings and gifts are new.

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